Sunday, October 2, 2011

Productivity / the next few months!

Ever have those days when you're pumped up and ready to get a bunch of stuff done- or try something you've been putting off? Today, that was me. I've been trying to figure out CSS format for a loooong time, but it's super complicated and I always give up. This time I was totally determined. I downloaded the right tools, read about 50 different tutorials. And bam- I got nothing. After I wasted a good 2.5 hours, I realized that no matter what text changes I made to my blog, they probably wouldn't apply since Blogger is changing around the template. sighs. My creativity will just have to put itself on hold.

As of October 15th I will no longer be "clocking in" anywhere. ((happy dance)). I'm going to full time online writing/ studying. Not to mention I will have Saturdays free for the first time in 2 1/2 years!!!!! I've missed a lifetime of Saturdays with my dear friends, but now that's changing :). 

I'm going to need to start training soon, seeing how I'm running a 5k next month. I think this week would be a good time to start the pattern. Luckily, one of my fellow bloggers is going to send me tips, and the internet is full of insightful information for first time 5kers :). I'm thinking about trying out this schedule for my first week. Will keep you posted on how that turns out :).

Tomorrow the sweets and I will be finishing up out wedding website!!! I'm so pleased with how it turned out and cannot wait to post the link

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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