Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend excitement + Fall trends

I'm dying to try orange lips. That may sound totally crazy, but I think now that my hair is a darker shade of brown, it might actually look pretty good! Maybe not. Who knows. If I had $10 to throw away on a lipstick right now, I'd totally get a tangerine shade.
I've heard some pretty wonderful things about Revlon's Orange Flip, so I'd probably go for that one ( if I were armed with coupons; I'm a very broke, broke college student!). 

I think this shade is perfect. Not too insanely bold, but definitely not red or pink. I like it. a . lot. Unfortunately for me, I found this image on pinterest and I cannot find a description of the color or where it came from :(.

Anyway, I'm veryyy excited for this weekend. I have activities planned on every single day. Friday - Monday! Most of Saturday consists of relaxing :D my favorite thing to do with my sweets. 

My work schedule can only be described as extremely irregular. Between work and school I really have to rely on a planner to record my ever changing deadlines! oye me. I love it though. I'm finally getting to do what I've always wanted- write full time. It's such a miracle. It seems like for years I prayed and dreamed and wrote on my little blog hoping someday to write for bigger, better things. God offered me the most amazing opportunities, and at the most convenient time, too. I feel so very blessed! Have a fabulous weekend and check back in for pictures of our halloween/ weekend adventures :).

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