Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bedtime Bliss.

Remember your favorite bedtime stories?

One book in particular comes to my mind . . .

Wasn't this a fantastic bed-time read?!
Someday when I have kids I plan to read lots and lots of stories to them. I think that special bonding time is so important! Since I've outgrown the bed-time stories, I have tried bed-time music. Sometimes when I can't sleep or my mind just won't stop "chattering" , I'll turn on some Jack Johnson softly and it puts me right to sleep. Something about his mellow voice and mainly acoustic melodies just send me drifting.

The other night I just wasn't sleepy, so I asked my boyfriend to tell me a bedtime story (over the phone, of course). He started the tale and soon enough I was more awake than when he'd begun- I was laughing uncontrollably. So maybe stories about dragons and pretty fairies aren't his thing, but he's good for comic relief ;).

Most families have bedtime "rituals" which they perform every night just before bed. you know, glass of milk, warm bath, tucked into bed, etc. etc. I'm a huge fan of bedtime prayers. They are so sweet and genuine! That is one tradition that I can't wait to start.. and hopefully it will carry on.
So, don't get any ideas-I don't have kids. No, I'm not yet married...
but one can dream, eh?

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