Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet mark. !

I recently started selling mark. products and am loving it!
Here are a few of my favorite things / recommendations and products I can't wait to try!

I like this lip color because it's slick without being sticky. They leave a pleasant shine without being glittery. I usually wear Glow Baby Glow in Pink Crush; it is super versatile and just gives a nice pinky glow to my lips.

I have been using this cleanser for a few weeks and have been very impressed. It's gentle, milky consistency makes it easy to apply and very harmless to the skin. My skin tends to more sensitive, so I love the fact that it never stings, but always does a fine job of cleaning.

Mist Opportunity is one of the coolest makeup products ever. This mini refresher is purposed to "refresh" your makeup after a long day, or maybe just half way through your morning. Truth: makeup wears off! Especially if you touch your face a lot, or sweat. Simply mist this spray and it will revive your makeup without any pore cloggers! How much better can that get??

Lip Stain! I finally got a little adventurous and took lipstain out for a test drive. wow. If you've never worn lip stain before; try it now! It's an incredibly odd and happy feeling not having to think about reapplying lipstick after anything . I put it to the test, vigorously wiping my lips with a napkin after eating, splashing them with water.. not a smudge. This is fantastic! But it also means that you must choose a shade that you love, and be confident while wearing it because you can't just take it off! Yes, it will come off with moist makeup remover towelettes. Try it this season, you wont be sorry!

Of course, I am kind of a mascara fanatic, so I really examined this mascara. Scandalash works! It's brush has fine, stiff, defined bristles that separate and evenly coat each lash. I give it two thumbs up!

One of my favorite things about mark. products is the mobility of the products. Most are made to stash right in your purse, or keep in your tiny handbag; the products are made for women on the go, busy women. The Hook-Up system is the coolest! You can choose facial treatments, lip colors, eye colors, mascara, perfume, etc, etc, and hook them together to form the size of an ink-pen! So rather than carrying your backup stash of make-up and loading your bag with a tube of mascara, tube of lipgloss, eyeshadow, and what about that acne cream, you can simply carry around your makeup in the size of 2-3 ink pens! Incredible!

Please, feel free to browse around and discover the site. I am confident that you will become as intrigued as I am!

My mark. site <3

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