Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday Favorites!

hmmmm . . . . . lots to share this week!

My favorite body wash right now - A touch of happiness.
Let me tell you, this stuff smells wonderful! I tried it from a free sample and rushed to the store to get a full bottle. It smells orangey and delish! It also leaves skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. ahh.

My favorite tea right now- Twinnings Tea in English Breakfast.
I'm oddly into simple teas. This black tea is full of flavor, but by no means overpowering. It's perfect to sip alone or drink with a sandwich of some sort..

My favorite treat from Chick-fil-a right now.

oh. my. word. I am addicted to these things! I was a little cautious about trying one at first, I mean I'm not that crazy about peppermint.. but I was happily surprised. They are amazing!

My absolute favorite item(s) in my closet right now:

I have found the perfect pair of jeans. Really! These jeans are by Lauren Conrad and can be found at Kohls. When I first heard that Lauren Conrad would be designing clothes I was ecstatic- I mean probably because I was totally obsessed with her on The Hills, but that's beside the point. I figured that I probably wouldn't be able to afford the clothes anyway ! So, you can imagine that I had a little dance party right there in Kohls when I discovered her nicely priced jeans for sale! When I tried them on they fit perfectly. I mean really, this must be my fate or something because I've never been so in love with a pair of jeans. Anyways I ended up buying 2 pair, one pair of skinny jeans (similar to the photo posted) and one pair of regular fitted boot-cuts. I was also thrilled at the fact that the boot-cuts were a size -brace yourself- TWO!
I think Lauren just likes to flatter me. Anyway, so now you know about my infatuation with Lauren Conrad's clothing line.

Last, I guess this is not really a "favorite", but it's consumed my week so I think it deserves to make it on here.

Redbox! Yes, I am in love with redbox. This week I've been especially obsessed because a) I've had a terrible, monstrous cold, and b) Redbox now has Season 1 of Glee! So I guess you can figure out what I've been doing all week (besides honking my nose).

Have a delightful weekend!!!

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