Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday Make-up Tips


Today's makeup tip is about choosing the right shade of blush.
Picking the right blush tone is tricky since you normally can't tell the true color by the package or the online photo. I typically go for the rosier tones. If you have dark olive skin, you would probably be safe with a blush that has an orangey tint. Since my skin-tone is so drastically pale, I tend to choose shimmery, light shades that leave a nice punch without looking completely unnatural. Here are a couple of awesome options:

This is a creamy blush stick that is super easy to blend and mix with your other makeup products. Because it is a cream blush, it's very easy to monitor how much makeup you apply and very simple to remove excess blush. Nude and Cheeky look like incredibly chic, safe colors to me. These run about $7.00 from mark.

Also, the blush mosaic palettes. These typically are more shimmery- and are usually used by a younger age group - teens through late twenties. That doesn't mean that you are confined to that age group-they just appeal more to them. Since these palettes are sheer, it's almost impossible to mess up your makeup. These are perfect for starting a young girl in makeup because they give her the chance to experiment, without making her look like a make-up newbie. These run about $7.00 from mark.

This blush is again, one of the simplest, easiest blushes to use. This one is incredibly special because it does all the blending for you! This cheek-tone conforms to your skin-tone to create the perfect shade of blush for you! How amazing, right?! Simple apply the makeup like regular cream blush and it will appear like your normal shade. Fabulous . Saves time and effort!
Runs about $6.50 from mark. and is now offered with a free makeup bag.

Hope this post was helpful!!

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