Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm going to start a weekly post entitled: Goodies.
Everyone has her own "goodies" or blessings, right?
well here I promise to share all my weekly goodies, delights and obsessions. =)

Last week I had the privilege of listening to the 5 Browns live with this handsome man . . .

We had a fabulous evening full of breath taking music!

This week I get to teach the kiddies ( I mean Young Adults :) about being a servant of God. This really excites me because I love talking about this! I'm going to try to control myself this lesson and not get into any long lectures like I did last time about what prayer really is . What I absolutely adore about the curriculum that I'm teaching is that these lessons are applicable to every age! This is also a little disheartening so realize that so many adults can't follow simple instructions that kids can, like respecting others, being considerate and so forth..

My love and I are starting a little Bible study this week! I cannot wait =). I'd been wanting to study the Bible with him for a while, but never really found time. I decided that this will be the week we begin it! I am so thrilled at what God will accomplish, and bring us even closer together.

Of course, my week wouldn't be as spectacular if I didn't have a little television show in there somewhere. Glee makes me laugh an forget about life for an hour, so I write it off as my therapy for the week ;). However; I won't get into any deep discussion about the show., like a post I've been contemplating, Would Jesus drink Starbucks? long story, but basically can I justify my addiction to coffee? the answer is no. sigh. but I will never be perfect.

moving forward . . .

A HUGE happy this week will be seeing my girly friends for movie night on Friday! ugh I have missed them so so so much and we have a ton of chit-chat to make up for. It's hard to find friends after High School!



This week I'm thankful for : God's constant support! Isn't it exciting that we have a God that is always there for us? No human being can make and keep the promises our God does! That just makes my week =).

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