Thursday, October 21, 2010

These fonts will change your life.

I've been using these amazing fonts from this sweet couple. Kevin and Amanda have a precious blog, and Amanda provides the blog world with crazily cute fonts and scrapbook fonts. I absolutely love Fonts for Peas. People probably think I'm a lunatic for becoming so excited about fonts, but hey, it's what you love writing, what better way to personalize that writing than with some adorable, girly fonts. They will grab any woman's attention. Anytime my friends see the fonts they exclaim about how cute they are! Simply download them to your computer and install into your font library. I own a Mac and the fonts showed up instantly on my pages program. Definitely check these fonts out- they will add a little spice and character to your next letter to your girlfriend, hubby or long lost bff.

=) Happy Writing.

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