Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I'm loving..

Well, first off I'm really loving that I discovered how to change the font on my blog posts! I cannot believe that there was a little compose tab hiding on the screen that I just discovered!

I'm really loving these pictures that my sister had done.

Isn't this the sweetest picture ever? I think it's insanely adorable =).

Don't these pictures just make your heart melt? The lady who took these is extremely talented and uses her fine talent to glorify the Lord! What could be better?
If you are interested in more gorgeous photographs from her, check out her blog. It will amaze you!

I'm love, love, loving my new black scarf that I snatched from Cato's!
It was $6.00.
I could NOT be prouder.


I'm actually loving my short nails. Yes, I can hardly believe it either. I've always had long nails and hestitated cutting them for anything. ( Not gross long, or nasty, just pretty, long nails). But since I put those horrid acrylic tips on them; they are destroyed =(. I'm in the process of growing them out again, but hey, I'm enjoying the benefits of short nails. Like: texting and typing faster than ever because I don't have to worry about hitting the wrong key, Putting my contacts in in about .32 of a second because i don't have to worry about poking my eye (which I still do very often, I'm kind of a klutz). Anyways, my nails look something like this as of right now:

Not so bad, huh? Well, I'm coping ;).

The thing I'm loving most today is that God is constantly giving me (and you) a fresh change. Wouldn't it be so terribly boring if he always blessed us in the same exact ways? I'm thankful for variety and surprise, even if it isn't always the most fun to deal with.

Last note: check out Who Moved My Cheese if you haven't already. It's a tiny book about dealing with change in a positive way. It will effect how you look at change . I promise.
Try it out.

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