Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Favorites

The list for this week is somewhat short, mainly because I jabbered about some of my favorite things on Wednesday (oops). But here are a couple . . .

I recently purchased the top blouse in chocolate and the lower blouse in black for winter. My winter wardrobe was looking a little bit skimpy - what better way to fix that than Victoria's Secret two tops for $25.00?

This week I treated myself to some brie cheese. Brie is my favorite and tastes fabulous on toast or just crackers. I've been making brie and turkey melts all week. yum.

My final copy of Instyle came in the mail this week , and I couldn't have been happier to have seen Rachel Mcadams on the cover. This lady is my favorite. I loved her in the Notebook, Time Traveler's Wife, and so many more. She is so talented and just naturally gorgeous.

Last, don't these turtles look delightful? Oh I could just eat a bag full of these delicious little creatures.

Happy Friday

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