Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010: The Year in Pictures

2010 Started off with a horrible car crash. Bart's 4-runner was totaled, but luckily the two of us were unharmed.

In January, my school held the annual Homecoming Game. . .

And I won Homecoming Queen!!

From February - May I was super busy with finishing Basketball Season and preparing to graduate. In April, we celebrated Bart's 19th Birthday:

We spent the day at an Amusement park and enjoyed some Johnny Rocket's food for lunch.

The end of April I went on my senior trip:

The first part of the trip: We spent 1 week at the Wilds Christian Camp. I grew so much spiritually that week! The Second part of the trip: We went to Atlanta, Georgia for 4 days. We spent a lot of time shopping, going to shows and just enjoying one another's company. It was loads of fun and we made so many great memories together!
As soon as we returned from our trip we had prom the next week:

We had a fantastic night!

Next up was GRADUATION!

After graduation I worked a lot over the Summer. Because of our work schedules, we decided to do a Staycation this year, rather than going someplace. We ended up taking some mini-road trips, walks to the park, and playing lots of late-night board games.
We hit up two zoos, went on hikes, and saw a couple of movies:

After the Summer, I began teaching the younger Youth Group at my church:Sadly, this is the only shot I have of the group. They are super camera shy ( or at least they tell me they are).

Next up was Thanksgiving: I worked Thanksgiving day :/ but I got to spend the following few days with Bart & his family. We were super adventurous and went shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. . . I was very disappointed.
In December we celebrated Haley's 19th birthday:

I celebrated my 19th birthday in December as well- unfortunately I forgot to take a picture that I was in!

Then there was Christmas:

With the fam:
With the boyfriend:

Haley and I attended a Wedding for a high-school friend:

And then we celebrated New Years:

Looking back, 2010 was amazing! I am so thankful for all that happened and I look forward to a fantastic 2011!


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