Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorites!

This Friday my favorites are :

Sunlight. I'm loving that all this nasty snow is melting away and that it will hopefully have disappeared by Monday!

Lately I'm trying to steer away from the loaded calorie coffees and frozen drinks, and instead replace them with hot and cold flavored teas. I'm a big hot tea drinker and this week I found another flavor that's super good:Twinning's Mixed Berry Black Tea. It's made of chopped cherry, raspberry and redcurrant. So yummy!

I'm a huge fan of "easy to read" scripture and I've really grown to love this Bible. It's tiny so I can carry it with me, and I found it at Crossway for $5.00 ( extra bonus!).

I just finished watching this movie-ugh a tear jerker! It's a sad movie, but it definitely teaches you something by the end. Great, great movie.

This candle is to die for. It smells so great that I've almost totally used it up. Bath and Body Works' candles are still my favorite because they last a long time, have a very strong scent, and are made very well. Finding them on sale makes buying them even more tempting!

It's official. I'm totally obsessed with Sudoku. I got the free app last night on my itouch and I've been playing ever since! I've heard it's good for your brain.... that's a good enough excuse. Right?!

Have a delightful weekend!!



  1. i want to look into that Bible. i'm all into the easy reading!

    bath and body works candles are my favorite. they have the best scents!

  2. I am all about my eReader currently, so will have to see if this Bible is available, thanks for the review.
    And oh yeah those candles are wonderful and on sale is always a great treat, that is when I stock up because they can be pricey for some of the flavors.

  3. I highly recommend the New life one :). I've also heard that NAS is really good as well.