Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food Daydreams:

I guess since I'm snowed in I'd naturally start craving food that I can't get until (who knows when). Right now I'm craving:
This yummy Chicken and Wild Rice Risotto. I love risotto! It's to tasty and filling and I only eat a little bit. Flavorful would be a good word to describe it. If you'd like to try it, go here.

Remoulade sauce and crab cakes is one of my favorite combinations! Remoulade is a very creamy, rich sauce that works really well with fish. My favorite sauces have egg whites, mayo and capers. I'm not a huge fan of "hot" foods so I usually don't like the hot sauce and pepper add-ins. Though this dish takes a little time to get it perfect- it's totally worth it! These could work as an appetizer or as an entree.
I found this super charming site where you can get information from The Crab Cake Guy how creative!!

Blackened Salmon is one of my favorite dishes. If the cook prepares it correctly, the charred taste is really delicious.

Dill sauce is spectacular with blackened salmon!I love chocolate covered potato chips. That combo may sound gross- but it's so good! Fortunately, they're super easy to make because you just dip the chips in chocolate.This bag of chips cost $22.00! You can make your own for well under $5 by just melting chocolate and coating the chips yourself.

Have a deliciously fun day


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