Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Favorites!

This Friday I'm loving:

I've totally fallen in love with the Crazy Love Study Resource. We began our study on Wednesday night and it was a huge hit! The challenge of the week was to work on our prayer lives- instead of saying God help ... please . . ... talk to God as if he's a being- cause He is one! Using action verbs can help intensify prayers and help us realize his might, power and holiness.

Reality T.V. Since I still have a week left on my Netflix "free trail" I'm watching all the shows I can. Reality t.v. makes me laugh.

This tote! Haha I'm totally in like.

I've been using this calcium gel hardener for the past few days- it works great!

I'm really into big lashes right now. I've never liked fake ones.. . but I was daring and bought a few pairs yesterday. I tried Revlon; I'm really loving them! They look pretty natural, and just make my eyes look bigger. .

I'm super psyched that I ***Maybe*** have a sitting job!! After many applications I met the sweetest sweetest little girls that I will be (hopefully) sitting. I'm still praying about what will happen- but I know what I want to happen!!

Most of my new years resolutions are coming along at least half way nicely . . so I'm sorta proud of myself.

Happy Friday!!

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