Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shopping Trip

Today I went on a little shopping trip with my mom and little sister. I found lots of goodies:

I found this cute cardi here. It's turquoise but my lighting is horrible. I think the sequiney buttons are adorable :).

I found these cute rings & these cute buckle heels here.

Since I've lost weight, I only have one pair of jeans that really "fit" me. I lucked out and found my size in the last pair- they are super comfy as well! I got them here.
The picture quality is bad, but this scarf is beautiful. Searching my closet, I own so much black and grey, I figured this would be the perfect accessory. I found it here.

Last, I found these cute pearl danglys. I tend to be a minimalist with jewelry, but I'm branching out with the earrings lately. I thought these were charming and for $3.00 charming looks really good :). I found them here .

I was in much need to some retail therapy- and I found some!

Can't believe the weekend is here again!

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