Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Favorites! / Catch Up

This week has been crazy! It began with 7 inches of snow and ended with 60 degree weather. Only in the South. This week has been exceptionally happy for me because I began my new job!I've had the most wonderful time getting to know two of the sweetest girls on the planet! I'm such a blessed babysitter & I really look forward to the future :). This week has been insane trying to get myself back onto a schedule after being off of one for well over a month! Luckily I'm getting back on track quickly, and for now I have the mornings free to catch up on my rest. Even though the weather is annoyingly cold, it's beginning to warm up and soon it will be Spring ( my fave season ever).

This week, Mineral Makeup is my favorite. I read on a site that mineral makeup acne treatment really works- so I tried it. I really like it! I can tell a small difference just within the past week that I've been using it. The best part? No scent, and it's powdery so it blends right into skin and you forget you're wearing it! Fabulous.

I'm obsessed with bagels. They are so good! I love them doused in cream cheese ( especially flavored cream cheese) and lightly toasted. Yum yumyum! Dunkin' Donuts will know me by my first name soon...

Oh, and did I mention that I'm learning French? I am. I'm super excited about it too! I can say: Quelle est la date d'augourd' hui?
and C'est combien? I'm working on other frequently used saying as well.

My absolute favorite thing of the week?? My rose from my date last night. My sweet boyfriend surprised me with a rose and a yummy dinner to Outback. What a jewel! We enjoyed a lovely dinner together and had a total blast. Ah, he makes me feel like such a princess.

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend- enjoy it!


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