Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Tuck!

We celebrated bart's sweet mommy's birthday on Monday night! Bart so kindly treated us to Miyabi's (super yummy food!)and we had a splendid time together :).

Bart's mom is a pro with chopsticks. She ate her salad and her rice with them! I'm such an amateur that I decided to save myself the headaches and stick with my fork .

Bart and I sat under the spotlight which totally washed our skin tones out for the picture. oops! We had a fun time joking with the couple next two us who were also celebrating a birthday!

The birthday girl, enjoying her special night out!

Our sweet chef stuck a cute candle in her "rice cake" and she blew it out (and made a wish of course). It was so darling! If you look closely you can still see the smoke moving off the rice cake.

We had such a fabulous evening- Happy Birthday, Mrs Tuck!!


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