Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm kind of pen fanatic.

Truth be told, I'm sort of amazed with pens. Not joking, I have a strict set of favorites. During my early school years I couldn't have cared less about my handwriting. However fast I could get the job done was how I did it. Something drastic happened between ninth and tenth grade- I suddenly became obsessed with my handwriting and I changed it. It went from looking like chicken scratch to looking like computer font! (okay maybe that is an exaggeration but let's just say it looked nice). So anyways I began my quest for the perfect pen. I found quite a few that suited well... and honestly they range depending on my mood. Yep, I just said that I write with different pens based on what my mood is. So I've compiled a little collection of my faves:

oh. em. gee. The middle Sharpie is pretty much the best pen ever invented. The tip is super fine and the ink is really dark.. plus I love that the body is pretty thick so it's easy to hold on to. I've owned the version on top,but it's too skinny for me! Is it odd that I hold my pen super strange like this:
And now for the disappointers:

This pen clumped a ton and it writes really thick! I like pens that write thin so I wasn't such a big fan.

Gadgety pens are so overrated. They usually are duds when it comes to actually functioning like pens. hah.

Last, the lovely "clicky pens". I don't like these because they typically just distract me! Instead of writing with them I usually just keep scrolling through the messages..

So the next time you decide to spruce up your desk with some fancy new pens, keep this post in mind and don't end up with a dud! ;).


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