Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Favorites!

Sorry the post is a tad late this week- I had a super fun and busy week this week!

First, my new favorite shoes:

I found these cuties while I was shopping during the week for only $20! I was so thrilled to wear them at Homecoming last night. I sort of have an obsession with black heels, I have about seven pairs. Each pair is soo different though! And hey, they were on sale, so it's like they don't even count.... right??

My favorite moment of the week was last night: I got to crown my sister as Homecoming Queen!!! It was such an awesome moment. I have lots of pictures- but they are all really blurry and bad quality :/. Here are some of the best ones:

more to come later!

My favorite post of the week was Lyndsie's Schedule . I can't wait to put mine to use next week!

My favorite deal of the week: a mani/ pedi/ wax for only $20.00! I am so excited to get all pampered!!

My favorite scent right now: well it probably isn't a surprise, but I love love love Island Margarita scent at Bath and Body Works. Right now they have this handy deal- get 3 mini candles for $5! I had a really hard time deciding, but I finally chose : Island Margarita, Island Nectar, and Seaside Escape. They remind me so much of summertime- just gets me excited :).

I also picked up some Lemon hand soap. I love that they are all antibacterial and smell super yummy.

My favorite drink right now is: Iceland Pure Spring Water.
It tastes so fresh and clean (unlike the well water I am used to).

Hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend! The weather here is so warm and light- feels fantastic!


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